Help pray

21,813 Rosaries

for the

End of Abortion
In Ohio

21,813 rosaries for the 21,813 babies killed by abortion in Ohio in 2021.

Ohio is facing a proposed ballot initiative for November 2023 called, “The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety.” This tyrannical amendment would legalize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, including on babies who feel pain, sex-selective abortions, and give the ability to abort a baby simply due to a Down Syndrome diagnosis.

Help us storm Heaven by joining our Rosary campaign, and begging our Mother to spare us from this proposed amendment entering our Ohio Constitution in November.

We've said a total of 2913 rosaries for Ohio.

Our Mother Mary is the mother of all the poor children of Adam, and is suffering excruciating pain at the slaughtering of her children. 
Would you comfort Her by reciting one Rosary?

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